[GET] Bestseller Breakdown Review & Download

This is our latest offer to the self-publishing space.


It contains 2 PDF reports (one for fiction writers, one for nonfiction writers) along with up to date research spreadsheet (Excel) on the Kindle short reads marketplace and popular 4 Star Kindle Categories. Each of the reports are broken down in a step by step format that will allow you to understand the hot Kindle category, the in demand topic for that category, and a writer who has had several successful books published on that topic and category for them to model.

When you get finished going through the guide you will have complete clarity on the hot category, in demand topic, and what the authors who are having the most success are doing to be successful.

You will also know exactly what you need to do to write or hire a ghostwriter for your next book along with a complete breakdown of the publishing schedule, structure, and social media presence required to win.

We also provide you with free resources to help them along their journey to writing or outsourcing a similar book.

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[GET] Bestseller Breakdown Review & Download